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Desert of Kansas

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) and Desert of Kansas Forms

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) and Desert of Kansas Forms

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Desert of Kansas Website:


How to navigate through Desert of Kansas Website?


Desert of Kansas website has a group of categories listing beginning with Home, About Us, Contact Us, Recent and Upcoming Events, Newsletter Page Getting Involved, Members Page, Newsletter, Daughter of Isis, Temples of the Desert of Kansas, Links and Frequently Ask Questions.  To access or see the information located under these categories you must CLICK ON the categories title to view the information.  For all images such as flyers and photos CLICK ON the images or photo for ENLARGER VIEW and go to your MENU BAR, click on File, select Print to print the image or photo.  To view the image before printing, click on File, select Print Preview.


How to submit your article to be listed on the website?


All articles such as flyer, photos or any information must be submitted by email.  Please send email documents to the WEBMASTER listed in the Contact Us category at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event.  Look under Newsletter Page and scroll down to What New? for detail instructions.


What if I don’t have a computer, how can I submit my information?


You can mail your document or information to Viranda Slappy, 610 Wheatland Drive, Junction City, Kansas 66441 with the point of contact information included.


Does the document (flyer, photo or newsletter) have to been a particular size?


Yes, it must be 8 x10 or less (business card) in size.  Remember, once your document appears on the website you can CLICK ON the document/photo to view or print.


How long will the flyer or information stay listed on the website?


The document or information will stay listed until the event is over or until the WEBMASTER received another event announcement.

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